Bubble wrap, Styrofoam and hands in a box

T.A.I.P.S. offer a huge range of packaging materials to suit all your requirements.

We can cater for all your packaging needs! We aim to provide our customers with cost effective and quality packaging solutions. We stock a wide range of packaging materials to suit you and your business needs: from adhesive tape, protective packaging, packaging machinery, washroom requirements, cleaning products, plastic products, specialty tape, strapping just to name a few.

We are committed to working closely with our customers to provide you with a complete inventory of packaging products. We're dedicated to offering you affordable packaging materials without compromising on quality and service.

Wide range of packaging products

T.A.I.P.S. specialises in a full range of products for your packaging needs. Our range includes:

  • Adhesive Tape                                      * Specialty Tape
  • Bubble-Wrap                                         * Polyfoam
  • Cardboard                                             * Void Fill
  • Washroom Requirements                 * Machinery
  • Plastic Products                                   * Safety Products
  • Double-Sided Tape                             * Protective films
  • Strapping                                               * Pallet Film

Specialists when it comes to packaging

Our staff are trained and experienced to provide exceptional service to our customers. We're always there to assist you with any packaging-related questions and problems. The single most important philosophy of our company is CUSTOMER SERVICE.

All our items are carefully inspected and we only stock product lines that we're fully satisfied with. We offer a flexible refund and exchange policy so you can purchase with confidence. Phone us for more information or to arrange for one of our sales representatives to call at your premises.